Worship: Romans 7, Walk-Through Review / Wellness: Cancer Myths

Worship: For Heaven’s Sake  Pastor Flemons walked through Romans 7 and highlighted key points in an extended review of the three-part Romans 7, Victory Series. (Read more below.)

Wellness: For Health’s Sake  Scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org lists ten so-called myths about cancer and claims to debunk them. Pastor Flemons, a doctor of biblical wellness and naturopathy, debunks their debunks and agrees with only one of them. (Read more below.)

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For Heaven’s Sake…

Paul, often mistaken as the chief apostle, wrote this letter or epistle to believers who were living in Rome. Peter, the chief apostle, said in 2 Peter 3:16, that Paul’s writings were sometimes difficult to be understood. Pastor Flemons said that Romans 7 is one of the most misunderstood chapters in the Bible.

He said that Paul establishes early in Romans 7 that he is speaking to those who know the law. Today, some have somehow promoted this chapter as evidence to support their belief that the law was done away with at the cross. Why do away with a law that identifies sin? Would doing away with the law allow us to do as we please without carrying the label of sin or incurring its wages? If the law could so easily be thrown away, why would an all-powerful God allow His Son’s death?

It was precisely because of the law that sin is identified. It is precisely because the law could not be changed that Christ died in our places. Thankfully, He did. And thankfully, He rose again. We could not have paid our own penalty for sin and then rise again. We are guilty. Our deaths would have been justified, and that would have been the end of the story.

Jesus, however, committed no sin. He was innocent of any wrongdoing. Only He could die in our places and rise again that we might have the privilege of rising at all.

Pastor Flemons says, “The problem is not the law.” Pastor Flemons emphasizes the fact that in Romans 7, Paul simply describes and compares the unconverted heart to the converted heart and establishes that the law of God is holy and just and good. Moreover, Paul confirms that the law is the only way by which anyone can identify sin in their lives. For if there is no law, sin cannot exist. And if sin does not exist, there is no need for a savior nor crucifixion. But indeed, Jesus was crucified. He was crucified because the law could not be changed.

Sin is the transgression of the law. The wages of sin is death. Period. The death of Jesus only confirms the importance of the law, which like God is holy and just and good.

It is not the eternal law of God that is done away with. It is sin and the wages of sin; they are done away with when we are converted. The law that says because we sinned we deserve to die, no longer applies to the one who is hid in Jesus Christ. He died for us. And because of this, we are justified in Christ and receive His life’s record as our own. That means there is no other death required for our sins–only life for His righteousness as our own. Verse 4 essentially means we become dead to the law of sin when we are married to Jesus Christ.

The final verse in Romans 7 teaches us that without Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit controlling our lives, sin is to us as drugs are to drug addicts. And that is the description of the struggle Paul is revealing to us throughout Romans 7. It is a wretched existence that is only wrapped up in serving the flesh. That kind of existence is condemned to death by the law of sin, until in our hearts through the power of Jesus we begin to serve law of God and we are delivered from the body of death. That is freedom.


For Health’s Sake…

Pastor Flemons agrees that cancer myth No. 6 is indeed a myth. There is no miracle cancer cure outside of GOD, he says. But there is a biblical lifestyle that can prevent cancer and bring healing when challenged by it. He has no idea whether sharks get cancer, as is contended in myth No. 10. But he knows that sharks are in the biblical list of unclean meats that are not healthy for human consumption.

He disagrees with all the remaining eight so-called myths. And he explains:

So-called Cancer Myth #1: “Cancer is a man-made, modern disease.” While it is true that cancer is not a modern disease, cancer is manmade in the sense that it develops as a result of our lifestyle choices.

So-called Cancer Myth #2: “Superfoods prevent cancer.” While superfoods do not by themselves alone prevent cancer, the total lifestyle of health that also includes the use of superfoods do.

So-called Cancer Myth #3: “Acidic diets cause cancer.” They do. Cancer loves acid.

So-called Cancer Myth #4: “Cancer has a sweet tooth.” It does. Even the PET scan proves that. An analog of glucose, or sugar, is used to radioactively trace cancer, because wherever the sugarlike substance goes, cancer follows.

So-called Cancer Myth #5: “Cancer is a fungus–and sodium bicarbonate is the cure.” While it is true, sodium bicarbonate is not THE cure, there is evidence that deep within the core of cancer is a fungal element. Sodium bicarbonate can help, but it cannot alone cure cancer. There must be a total lifestyle approach to regaining health.

So-called Cancer Myth #7: “…And Big Pharma are suppressing it [the miracle cancer cure].” There is a suppression of information in the United States. Google “baking soda cures cancer” and learn more about alkalinity in the body’s internal environment and cancer.

So-called Cancer Myth #8: “Cancer treatment kills more than it cures.” We call it being in remission. But remission can mean only a decrease in disease activity between positive cancer diagnoses. We often hear how many times a person has beat cancer. But in the end people keep dying of cancer, because we keep using chemo and radiation, and we are so quick to yank off a body part, without cooperating with the body to heal itself, says Pastor Flemons.

So-called Cancer Myth #9: “We’ve made no progress in fighting cancer.” The same response just posted for so-called myth No. 8 can apply here. Simply Google the term cytotoxin. It is a toxin or poison that destroys living cells. Typically, the cancerous cells are the easiest to kill, says Pastor Flemons. But essentially, it is a race against time to kill enough cancerous cells before the healthy cells are also destroyed by toxins.

Keep in mind that neither healthy people nor dead people bring money into the medical profession, everyone else in between does, says Pastor Flemons. He insists that we watch the video, “Forks Over Knives.”







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