Worship: The Ecumenical Movement in Bible Prophecy / Wellness: Herbs for Fibroid Tumors

Worship: For Heaven’s Sake  Revelation 17:13 reads, “These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.” One mind “refers to the ecumenical push that Protestants have been lured into since the Vatican II council in the 1950s. . . .[It] was a Catholic plan to break down doctrinal barriers between Catholics and Protestants. HCFL 219 (Read more below.)

Wellness: For Health’s Sake  Pastor Flemons, a doctor of biblical wellness, says that too much estrogen and too many toxins cause fibroid tumors to develop, usually on the wall of the uterus. They can also develop within the uterine lining as well as on the outer lining of the uterus. In any case, the tumors are the body’s way of isolating extra estrogen and toxins. (Read more below.)

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For Heaven’s Sake…

“‘The Charismatic movement,'” according to Professor Hollenweger of Birmingham University, “‘had a tremendous potential to create trust and destroy suspicion between conflicting groups to provide a platform on which people could talk honestly and openly without being polarized. . .Already by bringing together Roman Catholics and Protestants, the Charismatic movement has worked miracles. (Dimensions, December 1975) HCFL 220

“The more we sing and dance in church, the less we study the Bible,” says Pastor Flemons. “The charismatic movement has swept every Protestant denomination, and it has caused Protestants to minimize their distinctive doctrines in favor of a oneness of religious thought. “It’s all in the name of love and praise!’ [So they say or think.] Yet, they don’t realize that if you really love someone, you will tell him the truth, even if the truth hurts. We have become enablers of ignorance addicts.” HCFL 220

Sadly, the Christian community has become so addicted to pleasure as praise and biblical ignorance “that those who persecute God’s people in the last days will think that they are doing God’s service [as Jesus Himself warned]:

John 16:2They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.‘” HCFL 221

(For further details and Bible references, read Chapter 11, “The Judgment of the Great Whore,” in the book, How Christ Fulfilled the Law, (HCFL), by Pastor Shelem Flemons.)

For Health’s Sake…

Herbs that particularly address fibroid tumors have been combined in a formula at Times of Refreshing Wellness Ministry. They are quite effective in helping to eliminate fibroid tumors. FibroidEx comes as a tea or tonic (powder form). It contains mullein, burdock, motherwort, yellow dock, prickley ash, and cleavers, and is sweetened with stevia. These are cleansing, detoxifying and antitumor herbs. The formula helps strengthen the immune system to break down the tumor tissue.

While dissolving tumors, you will also want to focus on balancing your hormones. Blessed thistle is an herb that will help lower estrogen. Changing your diet and lifestyle, however, will help naturally balance hormones. But TOR has a formula that helps to balance hormones. It has not yet been added to the online store; so it has to be personally requested. One of the major herbs in it is blessed thistle.

Anemia is one of the major effects of fibroid tumors in women in their forties and beyond until menopause. This is because the bleeding doesn’t usually subside until estrogen levels drop. Most of the time, that is when the fibroid will then naturally shrink. Frequently however, the pain and anemia and extra bloodflow make the wait to reach menopause unbearable.

If the diet would be free of the flesh of dead animals and their byproducts, like dairy, then the body would not be burdened with the extra estrogen that is naturally contained in them and synthetically added to them. Also limit or eliminate tofu and soy products. If you do consume them, make sure they are non-GMO. Also limit your intake of carrots. They also have estrogenic elements in them. For your diet, think more green.

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