Worship: Work of Little Horn Destroys Knowledge of Sanctuary / Wellness: Deep Breathing and Blood Pressure

Worship: For Heaven’s Sake  The Bible tells of a little horn that became powerful, even to magnify himself to the prince of the host. That means, says Pastor Flemons, “that he was trying to replace Christ,” the Prince of Hosts.

In the process, the knowledge of the sanctuary was well nigh obliterated. The Catholic church (represented by the little horn), says Pastor Flemons, does not want anyone to understand the sanctuary message, because through it we learn of an “all-atoning sacrifice” and an all-powerful savior and mediator.

“The sanctuary,” says Pastor Flemons, “reveals that we’re not supposed to pray to . . . a man in a confessional box. It would let us know that the Sabbath is still binding. It would let us know through the Table of Shewbread that the Word of God is still to be eaten today. It would show that there is power in the blood.”

This is only the prophetic fulfillment of Daniel 8. Daniel was shown that this little horn would take away the daily sacrifice and cast down the sanctuary and truth to the ground. In this, it would persecute God’s people and suppress Bible truths and would prosper in its practice! The sanctuary and the host would be given to him “to be trodden under foot.”

“During the Dark Ages,” says Pastor Flemons, “you couldn’t even own a Bible. . . . The change of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday: That was a child of the Papacy,” he says. “Those of you who worship on Sunday, you’re not worshipping in accordance with the Bible. You’re worshipping on a day that was changed by the Catholic church. It’s not in the Bible. And they claim that it’s their mark of authority.” The seventh-day Bible Sabbath is as eternal as the Royal Law. It is the fourth of the Ten Commandments.

“Satan invents unnumbered schemes to occupy our minds, that they may not dwell upon the very work with which we ought to be best acquainted. The archdeceiver hates the great truths that bring to view an atoning sacrifice and an all-powerful mediator. He knows that with him everything depends on his diverting minds from Jesus and His truth.” {GC 488.1}

If you don’t understand the sanctuary, says Pastor Flemons, you don’t understand the plan of salvation.

[For additional details, please read Daniel 8:9-27; Ezekiel 4:6; Numbers 14:34; Luke 9:1,2The Great Controversy, by Ellen G. White, GC 488, and read “The Work of Antichrist–‘the Daily'” in Path to the Throne of God, by Sarah Elizabeth Peck. (PTG 208, 209 original; PTG 282, 283 latest edition; PTG 157, 158 online.) Also, listen to the recording to hear the commentary of Pastor Flemons, who prayerfully sang portions of several songs, concluding with “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.”]

Wellness: For Health’s Sake  Shelem Flemons, a doctor of biblical wellness, says that deep breathing lowers your blood pressure. Shallow breathing elevates it. Pastor Flemons, who provided a breathing exercise, says don’t allow your chest to rise when you take inspirations. Instead, let your stomach rise when you inhale and fall when you exhale. Notice a baby’s stomach during breathing. Loosen your clothing around your midsection, and follow the baby’s lead.

(For more details, please listen to the recording.)

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Sharing Time  Pastor Flemons responded to a question about why Jesus would caution those He healed to tell no man. A listener shared her experience with deep breathing effectiveness on blood pressure.

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