Worship: The Character and Aims of the Papacy, Pt 3 / Wellness: The Importance of Enzymes

Worship: For Heaven’s Sake Any apology that excuses the wrongdoing is not a true apology, says Pastor Flemons.

He discussed and read an excerpt of James Warner’s article “Infallible Apologies,” which discussed the recent series of so-called apologies from the popes in succession, including the current pope. They were not real apologies, he says. The church has not taken responsibility for the wrongs done to millions of Bible-believing Christians. The popes, he says, all claim that the atrocities were done by “misguided” members in the name of the Catholic Church, not by any official act of the church itself. Still, many stand in favor of receiving their excuses.

But not everyone is so deceived. Ellen G. White said, “Have these persons forgotten the claim of infallibility put forth for eight hundred years by this haughty power? So far from being relinquished, this claim has been affirmed in the nineteenth century with greater positiveness than ever before. As Rome asserts that she ‘never erred, and nevercan err,’how can she renounce the principles which governed her course in past ages?”  {GC88 563.3}

Nevertheless, she added “True confession is always of a specific character, and acknowledges particular sins.  . . .  The spirit of self-justification originated in the father of lies and has been exhibited by all the sons and daughters of Adam. Confessions of this order are not inspired by the divine Spirit and will not be acceptable to God. True repentance will lead a man to bear his guilt himself and acknowledge it without deception or hypocrisy.”  {SC 38.1} and {SC 40.2}

Pastor Flemons adds that if you apologize with an excuse, rather than to the extent of the injury, you have a papal spirit.

[For further details, read Ellen G. White’s Steps to Christ, SC 38 and 40; James Warner’s “Infallible Apologies”; and Chapter 35 in The Great Controversy: “The Character and Aims of the Papacy,” GC88 563. Also, listen to the recording to hear the commentary of Pastor Flemons, who sang Hymn 298, “I Lay My Sins on Jesus.”]

Wellness: For Health’s Sake Shelem Flemons, a doctor of biblical wellness, says that when you understand the importance of enzymes, you will be encouraged to eat more raw foods. Using a healthline.com article, he discussed what enzymes really do and why.

According to the article, enzymes are a type of protein that “create chemical reactions in the body.” They help “support life” by actually speeding “up the rate of a chemical reaction.” Enzymes help the body “perform very important tasks.” They help build muscles. They help destroy toxins. But they are probably best known for helping the body with “breaking down food particles during digestion.”

Because “an enzyme’s shape is tied to its function,” it is critical that the shape of the enzyme does not change. Therefore, it is important to minimize the enzyme’s exposure to “heat, disease, or harsh chemical conditions.” Each can “damage enzymes and change their shape. When this happens, an enzyme doesn’t work anymore. This affects the body processes the enzyme helped support.”

Pastor Flemons discussed the three main types of digestive enzymes, which “are produced naturally in the body.” He says that you can help your body build enzymes by eating lots of raw foods. You can also juice and drink your raw vegetables and fruits to help your body naturally produce enzymes.

[For more details, please listen to the recording and read the article in full here.]

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Sharing and Caring Time Sis. Maria encouraged everyone to learn the power of praise in worship to God and to serve Him with gladness. She readPsalm 100.

Pastor Flemons responded to a question about an apparent contradiction in Proverbs 26:4, 5. To see how Jesus handled foolish questioning, Sis. Maria suggests also reading Matthew 16:1-4.

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Worship  Sunday – The Character and Aims of the Papacy, Pt 3

Wellness  Sunday – The Importance of Enzymes

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