Worship: Treasures New and Old / Wellness: The REFRESHING Way

Worship: For Heaven’s Sake When you study the Bible, first pray that God will press home the truth to your heart. That was the prayer of Pastor Flemons at the outset of the segment. Then he shared several readings that describe the spiritual process of searching for the hidden treasures of truth and what is to be the sure reward.

“In the Bible the truth is compared to treasure hid in a field, the which, when a man hath found, he hideth; and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field. He desires the privilege of searching every part of the field, that he may make himself the possessor of all its treasures. I call upon my brethren in the name of the Lord to sink the shaft deep into the mines of truth.—Manuscript 35, 1901. (“Consumers, but not Producers, April 25, 1901.) {1MR 38.2}

“So in searching the field and digging for the precious jewels of truth, hidden treasures are discerned. Unexpectedly we find precious ore that is to be gathered and treasured. And the search is to be continued. Hitherto very much of the treasure found has lain near the surface, and was easily obtained. When the search is properly conducted every effort is made to keep a pure understanding and heart. When the mind is kept open and is constantly searching the field of revelation, we shall find rich deposits of truth. Old truths will be revealed in new aspects, and truths will appear which have been overlooked in the search.”—Manuscript 75, 1897, 3. (“The Position God’s People Should Occupy, 1897.)  {1MR 37.4}

“There is nothing as beautiful as the truth,” says Pastor Flemons. However, he was quick to caution that every new gem of truth be found to be in harmony with old truths, or else discarded.

[For further details, read Matthew 13:52; Jeremiah 6:16; 1 John 5:4; 1 MR 37.4; 1MR 38.1; 1 MR 38.2; 1 MR 33.4. Also listen to the recording to hear the commentary of Pastor Flemons, who sang Hymn 27, “Give Me the Bible.”]

Wellness: For Health’s Sake The REFRESHING Way is an easy guide for changing your lifestyle. Shelem Flemons, a doctor of biblical wellness, explained the details of the acronym: REFRESHING. The R is for Rely on God. The E is for Eat healthy. The F is for Fresh air. The second R is for Rest. The E is for Exercise. The S is for Self-Control. The H is for H2O – Water. The I is for In the sun. The N is for Never give up. And the G is for Give to others.

If you follow the REFRESHING Way guidelines, you will reduce stress by relying on God. You will adopt a totally plant-based diet, get fresh air throughout every day, and rest by 9:30 at least most nights, if not every night. You will exercise daily, be temperate in all things, and avoid all harmful things. You will drink adequate amounts of water and/or unsweetened herbal teas, and get the sunlight your body requires daily. Besides all these, you will be determined to stay the course and to help others do the same.

Pastor Flemons advised that no herbal remedy or drug is a panacea. He says that there must also be a change in the lifestyle.

[For more details, please listen to the recording.]

(NOTE: Before following any advice given here, please read our disclaimer on this page.)

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Sharing and Caring Time Sis. Maria encouraged listeners to show love to others in the workplace, as she shared 1 Peter 4:7-11.

Sis. Michelle shared a testimony about being selected as one of the prayer warriors on her job and about being 73 years old and needing no medicine.

TORSOE announced a variety of online classes to learn biblical wellness for medical missionary work. Some of the classes will be free. Other classes will bear a reasonable cost. These classes will be cover spiritual, mental and physical health.

Special Prayer  Please include in your prayers today Listener 3116, who asks that we pray for TORSOE Ministry, the workers, and listening family. Please also pray for her family and that she will give the Lord 100 percent of herself.

Remember to pray for a 21-year-old widow (Onelia of Trinidad) whose husband was witness to a murder case, but was gunned down with 22 bullets. Left is his young family, including an unborn child, who is now struggling in so many ways, as they witnessed his murder. Prayers and financial offerings are welcome. Send contributions to this ministry and mark it for Onelia. The final day to contribute is July 5.

Sis. Michelle asks that we pray for Tabitha, as they study the Bible together. Pray also for Tabitha’s complete mental and physical healing.

Pray for TORSOE’s need for a campus to promote healing and train medical missionaries.

Pray for the unspoken prayer requests of each heart.

Listeners Speak!

“You all are truly a blessing to me!” (3464)

“It’s my morning manna!” (0608)

“I just want to thank the LORD for this broadcast. It puts me in the mind of heaven!” (9206)

“The most important thing I have learned is to trust Him! . . . He is going to see me through. . . . GOD is faithful.” (3116)

“I thank Him (GOD) for this line, this broadcast, for Sis. and Pastor, because the things I’ve been through . . . I know the LORD has placed these two in my life! . . . I just love them.” (3588)

“God bless you. You are very authentic. . . . I just want to ask God to bless your ministry. Oh, my God! I am so grateful to be a part of your family. . . . There’s not enough words to express my gratitude, because I am learning even more from your ministry.” (0608)

“I want to give God thanks . . . . We are experiencing great love and miracles. . . . Thank God for His people who make life easier! . . . I thank God for you all . . . as I learn how to live a pure life of natural remedies. I love you.” (0053)


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Words of Encouragement

 2 Samuel 23:1 Now these be the last words of David.  (Also read 2 Samuel 23:1-5 and Conflict and Courage for June 30, CC 187.)

Matthew 7:17-20 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. . . . Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. (Also read With God at Dawn for June 30, WGD 183.)