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This is the most phenomenal giving program ever developed. It saves lives and trains others to be lifesavers! Imagine giving or returning money to God,
receiving a tax deduction for your contributions, and then getting a referral credit to save lives and sponsor worthy students to a wellness institute that is better than medical school. You will be given the opportunity to receive our newly revised ministry expansion plan at the end of this document.

Become a VIP
& Receive Referral Credits

At Times of Refreshing, we strive to demonstrate that we prize HEALTH above WEALTH. In keeping with this mission, we accomplish two very essential goals. (1) We give back all of our monthly donations in the form of VIP referral credits, which sponsor sick people to the ministry and student scholarships for training worthy students as doctors of biblical wellness:
DBW (TM). (2) We have also decided not to accept any loans from anyone unless their return on investment is HEALTH rather than WEALTH!

In lieu of interest payments, we will offer referral credits to attend our wellness retreat and other amenities. VIPs are Very Influential Partners. They either receive VIP referral credits, giving them the blessing of referring a guest to a free retreat, or they help us create credits in house for needy people. VIP referral credits are used to sponsor sick friends, relatives and strangers to attend a complimentary 17-day wellness retreat at Times of Refreshing. Some of the donated funds also provide scholarships for worthy students to be trained as medical missionaries. Therefore, all of our supporters are VIPs and their contributions fund the ministry with donations or loans. Each guest sponsored by a single VIP referral credit receives a “free or guaranteed” 17-day wellness retreat valued currently at $4,500 regardless of their financial status.

Each credit will have a serial number, a starting date, and an expiration date. We encourage VIPs to use their credits to refer sick people to Times of Refreshing that they know or meet. However, a VIP may choose to or not to receive communication from Times of Refreshing regarding requests of hardship cases that are brought to our attention. Although we encourage you to find needy people to bless, a VIP can choose to leave the credit at the ministry for us to use at our discretion. The identity of all VIPs are kept strictly confidential. There are five VIP groups: Good Samaritan VIPs, Annual VIPs, VIP Teams, Lifetime VIPs, and Reason and Season VIPs. If you are a person who is already giving to religious organizations, this program increases your blessings, not your budget.

Good Samaritan VIPs

We greatly value every individual who partners with us by contributing monthly to Times of Refreshing. Therefore, all supporters who pledge any amount less than $500 per month for 12 months are designated as Good Samaritan VIPs. In the Bible, the Good Samaritan did not know the person he helped. He helped out of the goodness of his heart. In keeping with our mission to prize HEALTH above WEALTH, we add up and separate all monthly pledges into groups totaling $500. We then issue a referral credit to someone in need of our help. That person receives a free 17-day wellness retreat. We also give a 6-month scholarship to one worthy student who could not otherwise afford our training program. Because the credit is issued based upon the contributions of at least two or more anonymous Good Samaritan VIPs, the ministry decides to whom the credit is issued. This plan gives every donor the satisfaction of knowing that their contribution is going to save someone spiritually, mentally and physically while training young missionaries to do the same.

Finally, our Good Samaritan VIP program underscores the fact that no contribution is too small, as all contributions are collected into $500 groups so we can issue a credit to a sick person and sponsor a medical missionary.

Annual VIPs

Annual VIPs receive one VIP referral credit to be used within a period of 12 consecutive months in exchange for a pledge of 12 monthly donations of $500 ($6,000 annually). The amount that an annual VIP can donate is unlimited. One credit is issued for every pledge of twelve $500 monthly donations. In other words, we would issue 2 credits to a VIP supporter who pledged 12 monthly donations of $1,000. Ten credits would be issued to a partner pledging twelve monthly donations of $5,000. If the credits issued exceed our capacity to receive guests, we will transfer some of the referral credits to a future time as we expand to meet the growing need. Credits are never lost. Again, the minimum amount pledged in order to become an annual VIP is $500 per month ($6,000 per year). Monthly pledges of less than $500 place the VIP in the Good Samaritan category.

VIP Teams

Two or more persons can partner to create a VIP Team. This is often done to join their donations or loan amounts together to reach the minimum amount required to receive a VIP credit. Everything that the ministry offers is exactly the same, but the blessing is shared between two or more VIP Team members.

Two people, each pledging $250 per month for twelve months, would form an annual VIP Team, with one VIP referral credit each year issued to the team. Five people may join together as an annual VIP Team, with each person pledging $100 per month. Collectively, they can receive one VIP referral credit annually to sponsor someone to attend the retreat.

Families, friends, a church, or some similar group driven by a mission could form one or more VIP Teams for the benefit of others or members within their team. VIP Teams choose the recipient of their credit. The ministry chooses the recipients of credits created by Good Samaritans.

This section describes an annual VIP Team. There are other types of VIP teams discussed in subsequent sections.

Lifetime VIP

Lifetime VIPs receive one VIP referral credit automatically renewed annually for the lifetime of the ministry for every onetime donation of $100,000 for ministry expansion. The guests they sponsor also receive all-expense paid trips (free flight and wellness retreat) from anywhere in the world or equivalent travel expenses for those who do not fly. Lifetime VIPs also receive 12 family-sized dishes per year from our Meals Over Pills ministry for every $100,000 donated up to 52 dishes per year (one per week). As our Meals Over Pills dishes are sent to the 48 contiguous states, an international lifetime VIP can gift their Meals Over Pills dishes to anyone in the 48 contiguous United States. These dishes may be sent with dry ice and cannot be sent overseas. Therefore, a person giving $1 million for ministry expansion will receive 10 lifetime VIP credits automatically renewed annually for the lifetime of the ministry. He or she will also receive 52 family-sized dishes per year, and all of the 10 people sponsored each year for the lifetime of the ministry will have all-expense paid trips (flights and 17-day wellness retreats) to Times of Refreshing.
Two or more people can have the ministry combine their donations and form a Lifetime VIP team to reach the minimum to receive a lifetime credit. Because the minimum donation required to be a Lifetime VIP is $100,000, 4 people can donate $25,000 each and form a Lifetime VIP Team. For the lifetime of the ministry, that team can send one person to Times of Refreshing annually with all expenses paid (flight and 17-day wellness retreat). And they can share and designate where we are to send the Meals Over Pills dishes.

Reason and Season VIP

Reason and Season VIPs loan money to Times of Refreshing for expansion and receive VIP referral credits in lieu of interest payments as their return on investment. Their reason to give is to help relieve suffering. Their season as a VIP expires when they have used their last VIP referral credit and the principle of the loan is repaid. For every $50,000 loaned, a Reason and Season VIP receives 1 referral credit. Reason and Season referral credits also include free flights from anywhere in the world. The Reason and Season VIP also receives 6 Meals Over Pills dishes sent to a home within the 48 contiguous United States for every $50,000 loaned. The Reason and Season VIP may only use 4 VIP referral credits in a 12-month period. The remaining credits will roll over into future 12-month periods.

The VIP credits represent their return on investment, as they are joining us in making HEALTH more important than WEALTH. WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING LOANS FROM THOSE WHO SHARE THIS VISION.

A loan of $100,000 gives the Reason and Season VIP 2 referral credits including domestic and international flights and 12 Meals Over Pills dishes distributed in a year. A loan of $1 million gives the VIP 20 referral credits plus domestic or international flights for sponsored guests to be used over a 5 year period. 52 Meals Over Pills dishes would be included for this loan amount. The entire principle will be paid back to the Reason and Season VIP based upon the terms of the agreement.

To receive a VIP referral credit in loaning money for expansion, the minimum loan amount is $50,000. Two people could form a Reason and Season VIP Team, and each person loans $25,000 for expansion. The same could be done by 5 people loaning $10,000. As a team, they would receive all the blessings of a Reason and Season VIP.

Additional Information About Our VIP Gift Program

The VIP referral credit program allows VIPs to be our eyes and ears in their community to find the sick that need help. As the retreats and other amenities are gifted and sponsored for others, the contributions are tax deductible. The Meals Over Pills dishes are free, healthy dishes from our ministry to encourage healthy lifestyles and does not cancel the tax deductibility of the contribution. “Pot luck” at church does not cancel your tax deduction although most dishes are not healthy. If you as a VIP become ill, you can either (1) pay out of pocket, (2) surrender an unused VIP credit and lose the tax deductibility of the amount of the retreat, or (3) allow Times of Refreshing to find another VIP to gift you a retreat. If you have an unused VIP credit and are willing to allow the ministry to use it to bless others, it will be very easy for us to find a VIP willing to gift you a credit. This third option retains the tax deductibility of your gifts, for you did not receive any services for funds that you paid. All identities are kept anonymous. The number of VIP credits issued is unlimited. But if the credits exceed our capacity in a 12-month period, credits will role over so that no credit is lost. Lifetime and Reason and Season VIPs help us to expand quickly to meet the growing need.

The reason we say the retreat is “free or guaranteed” is that we have 2 platforms of sponsorship. On the “free” platform, we do not discuss any finances with the sponsored guest. On the “guaranteed” platform, it is agreed that the sponsored guest “may” be able to pay “something” for their retreat. They are still guaranteed a wellness retreat regardless of their ability to pay. However, many people are more committed to a permanent change if they pay something. Our goal is to protect the VIPs investment and encourage the sponsored guest to place adequate value on their life-saving opportunity. While there are always exceptions to the rule, the general rule of thumb is that if the VIP would like his or her sponsorship to be kept private, it is best to sponsor a guest on the “guaranteed” platform and allow us to inquire and collect whatever the guest can afford which may be nothing or it may include a payment plan that does not create a hardship. They will be accepted regardless and in the case of a Lifetime or Reason and Season VIP referral, we will give them the good news that we will fly them to Times of Refreshing (the Atlanta airport). If the VIP is not concerned about guests knowing the identity of their referral sponsor, the “free” platform is perfect for everyone.

For current monthly supporters, VIP referral credits are valid immediately. For new supporters, there may be a delay of not more than 6 months. In either case, there will be 12 consecutive months granted to use VIP referral credits. We will allow unused credits to roll over into the following year, so no credit is lost. Pledge Instructions.


Friends, please read and return this pledge on the following page in the self-addressed stamped envelope provided. Your pledge helps us create credits used to save lives and train lifesavers.

This is a pledge of intent. We understand that in this world of changing circumstances, there may be unforeseen events that affect the ability to fulfill the pledge. Therefore, this is NOT a binding contract or a legal document. It is a pledge before God that notwithstanding some catastrophic event, you intend to give or return to God a certain portion of funds and send them to Times of Refreshing for 12 consecutive months or whatever date you specify. This pledge of intent does not require your signature. Your word is good enough for us.

It should be understood that onetime gifts of $6,000 or more still qualifies one to receive an annual VIP referral credit. Although the minimum amounts are different, one time gifts can also qualify for lifetime VIP credits. One time gifts of less than $6,000 allow us to issue Good Samaritan credits to needy people. For those sending whatever they can whenever they can, we will monitor your giving. If God blesses you to accrue an amount within a 12-month period to receive a credit, we will issue one at that point and it will be good for 12 months thereafter and roll over into the following year if unused.

Pledges can be sent through the mail from your home to our ministry. We will provide self-addressed stamped envelopes for you. Pledges may be sent using online banking. Our name and address are on the first page of this document. However, you can shorten our ministry’s name to “Times of Refreshing” on your check. Pledges may also be given using the donation box on our website. We can remind you if you would like. Finally, we can keep a debit / credit card number on file in our secure vault and charge your card on specified days or dates. If you choose this option, we will contact you regarding your debit / credit card information.

Some receiving this document have already made a verbal pledge. You will notice that we have filled in some of your entries for you based on your verbal pledge.

We have made this pledge very simple and efficient with check boxes and fill in the blank entries. Thank you for being one of our Very Influential Partners.

VIP (Very Influential Partner) Pledge

My VIP Pledge Date:______________________

I / We _____________________________________________ do hereby pledge that by God’s grace, I / we intend to do the following:
[Please check one box and write in the amount of your gift(s):]
Send a monthly gift of at least $__________ for 12 consecutive months.
Send a biweekly gift of at least $_________ for 12 consecutive months
Send a one time gift of at least $_________
Send whatever I can whenever I can.
Other (please specify)_________________________________________

I / We will begin making the first contribution(s) in:
[Please circle the month of your first gift:]
January February March April May June July
August September October November December.

My / Our gift will come by:
[Please circle the method of payment:]
Check Money Order Online Banking Website Credit / Debit Card

I / We will be sending our gifts approximately on the following date(s).
[Please circle the exact or approximate date(s) to expect your gift(s) each month unless this does not apply. Circle “N/A” if this does not apply .]
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 N/A

Check this box if you are part of a VIP TEAM. Write the name(s) of other team members here. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Check this box if you would like to be notified of hardship cases that come to our attention. Do not check this box if you plan to refer guests with your VIP credit.

Check this box if you would like to receive our revised ministry expansion plan that was revised on April 30, 2016 and includes the our WELLNESS VILLAGE, WELLNESS LODGE, and HEALTH ABOVE WEALTH provisions.