TORSOE is primarily a ministry of healing.  There is a simple life-style that we discovered in the Bible that is reversing the major diseases that are plaguing our world.  This life-style along with juice fasting can be summarized by the acronym R.E.F.R.E.S.H.I.N.G.

Rely on God

Eat Healthy

Fresh Air




H20 (Drink Water) 

In the Sun

Never give up

Give to others.

The MISSION of TORSOE is to restore health, train medical missionaries, and conserve the natural resources of our planet.

Our VISION is to establish a wellness campus north of the Mason-Dixon line in the state of Pennsylvania wherein we can heal the sick, educate students and conserve natural resources of the planet. 

Our MOTTO is “Restoration, Education, Conservation.”  

Our SLOGAN is “Escape To TORSOE.”

We have many  services including a free Worship and Wellness Broadcast, wellness coaching, an online training school, speaking engagements, an online store and a wellness retreat.