There’s an Imposter in Your Bedroom / Health Benefits of Eating Healthy


For Heaven’s Sake…

There’s no middle ground. You’re either going to have faith, or you’re a fraud. Faith is not presumption. Faith claims God’s promises and obeys God’s will. Presumption also claims God’s promises, but uses them to excuse transgression. It’s the attitude of doing your own thing, having your own way, and believing everything is fine, because God loves you anyway. Presumption doesn’t believe in conditions. Don’t be tricked into not exercising faith. Believe and be obedient.

For Health’s Sake…

Genesis 1:29 gives the primary diet for human beings: fruits, nuts and grains. We believe it also includes veggies like broccoli, which bears its seed. God’s “farmacy” includes all essential nutrients, proteins and fats, and vitamins and minerals. Eating healthy involves a diet low in fats and proteins and high in complex carbohydrates. Eating healthy strengthens the immune system and produces good blood. It keeps the arteries clear of cholesterol. Life really is in the blood.

These were our May 10, 2016 topics presented by Pastor Shelem Flemons.

Faith or Fraud: Did you know you may be committing identity theft? / Health Benefits of Relying on God

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For Heaven’s Sake…

Did you know that “froward” in Deuteronomy 32:20 really means “fraud”? Today we learned that if we claim to be a Christian but don’t trust God’s word, we are committing fraud. You either have faith or you’re a fraud!

Faith occurs 247 times in the Bible, but only twice in the Old Testament. Those two instances are still critical. Learn why and more in today’s worship segment by Pastor Shelem Flemons.

For Health’s Sake…

Read Proverbs 3:5, 8. What is the purpose of your navel? After birth, it has no real value. Interestingly however, it is at the center point of your digestive system. And what does that have to do with trusting in God? Relying on God has therapeutic power. Stress, on the other hand, leads to constipation and cancer. Stress compromises the digestive system and makes it difficult to lose weight. Learn more in today’s health segment of our Worship and Wellness broadcast, including why fibroids develop after menopause.

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Mother’s Day Special / Saving Health for All Nations

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For Heaven’s Sake…

Hear today’s Mother’s Day Special by Pastor Shelem Flemons.

Learn that children are a gift from God and are to be given back to Him, like Hannah did with Samuel.

For Health’s Sake…

Did you know that the health message is in the Bible? The Bible is the greatest medical book of ALL TIME.

God gave us the health message as a powerful outreach to the world with saving truths.

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Muzzling the Ox Part 3 of 3


Medical missionary work as well as preaching was to be supported by tithe and offerings.  Those who refuse to acknowledge this are refusing to acknowledge the ministry of Christ Himself and would not have supported the Savior of the world who did more healing than preaching.  Christ came as a medical missionary evangelist and WAS NOT SUPPORTED by the mainstream church that was actually commissioned to introduce Him to the world.

Listen to this broadcast hosted by Pastor Shelem Flemons by clicking the play button below.  After the preliminaries, the sermon will start.  You can then follow along in the slides.  There are right and left arrows in the slide show so you can navigate to the appropriate slide number that will be announced in the sermon.   Hear the entire broadcast for Saturday, May 7, 2016.  God bless you!

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  • Muzzling the Ox part 3 -  Slides with numbers.009
  • Muzzling the Ox part 3 -  Slides with numbers.010
  • Muzzling the Ox part 3 -  Slides with numbers.011
  • Muzzling the Ox part 3 -  Slides with numbers.012
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  • Muzzling the Ox part 3 -  Slides with numbers.014
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Muzzling the Ox Part 2 / 10 Principles of Healing

For Health’s Sake

These are the ten principles of healing as presented on today’s broadcast. Relax, read and navigate through each slide to learn each principle.

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Muzzling the Ox / Medical Errors 3rd Leading Cause of Death



For Heaven’s Sake…

Don’t muzzle the ox.

Are you having trouble forgiving someone or maybe even yourself? Are you having difficulty leaving your past in the past? Are you struggling with moving forward?

Don’t muzzle the ox.

Do what GOD has for you to do. Forgive and allow GOD to use you and others. Let nothing stop you or them.

Deut. 25:1-4 tells us that if we do wrong, we may be punished.  However, the punishment could not be excessive for excessive punishment would make the offender seem vile.  Once sentenced, the punishment could not exceed the sentence.  Many with unforgiving spirits have tried to keep others from moving forward and in this, they are muzzling the ox that treadeth out the corn.

For Health’s Sake…

Of course everyone makes mistakes. That’s human. But we must agree there is a higher expectation for specialists and other highly trained professionals to make far fewer mistakes, if any at all, in their respective field than the average untrained human.

Do you realize that death by medical errors now top all diseases, except heart disease and cancer? That is incredible. It’s unimaginable. Isn’t it?

People, we did not make this up! It is a Washington Post news report. Read it for yourselves here:

Do you need more reasons to embrace GOD’s health and healing principles found in the Bible? Times of Refreshing coaches and counselors are specialists in biblical wellness waiting to help you. Learn what you can do to maintain or regain health THE REFRESHING WAY.

Visit TORM stands for Times of Refreshing Wellness Ministry. Remember it. And be well.


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Speaking in Bermuda April 29 and 30, 2016

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