TOR Total Body Cleanse Kit


Contains the following products: AAA Supertonic, Internal Cleanse tea, Internal Poultice tonic, Colon Parasite /Candida cleanse tonic & Isotonic Flush.




This 5-product kit contains our Supertonic,  Colon Parasite / Candida cleanse tonic, isotonic flush, internal cleanse tea, and internal poultice.  It is designed to give you a total body cleanse in 7 days.  You will flush your colon in the morning with the isotonic flush. You will then take all  the products according to the directions that accompany this product.  It cleanses the colon, liver, kidneys, blood, and lymph.  You can watch our cleanse kit instructional video and our  cleanse kit overview and description video .  This is a simple cleanse and you can eat while on it.  We recommend juicing as your source of nutrition, however.  Please contact us for any questions.  This product is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment.  Please read our disclaimer on our website.


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