Worship: The U.S. in the Bible / Wellness: Standard American Diet

Worship: For Heaven’s Sake  A nation, described as a lamblike beast, is introduced in the Bible in Revelation 13:11, just following verse 10, which refers, we learned, to the captivity of Pope Pius VI by Napoleon’s General Berthier. This captivity ended the Dark Ages of papal rule over biblical ignorance. This was the time of the Protestant Reformation. It was 1798. What nation was being born at this time? The obvious answer is the United States of America. (Read more below.)

Wellness: For Health’s Sake  The Standard American Diet is SAD. It is high in fat, protein, and refined carbs. Fat clogs arteries and is a storehouse for many, many toxins, as most fat comes from eating flesh as food. Protein breaks down to purine, which then breaks down to acid, which is toxic to the body and creates an environment that feeds disease. Refined carbs leave the body high in starch and sugar and chemicals, which add more toxins. This lowers the body’s pH (potency of hydrogen) and sets the body up for cancer, which a low-oxygen disease. The lower the pH, the lower the oxygen that is present in the body. Pastor Flemons encourages eating the diet of the Bible. It is GLAD, God’s life-activating diet, a diet of fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables.

QT/QT  A question about macular degeneration led to Pastor Flemons sharing TOR’s eye formula, a tea, which has herbs like bilberry and eyebright. He also advises taking anything that will increase circulation in the head, like gotu kola and gingko and butcher’s broom. He also describes how a drop of strained lemon juice (no pulp) in the eye, immediately followed by a cold towel compressed over the eye, is a very beneficial stimulant for increasing blood flow in the eye.



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