World History in Daniel 2, Part 2 / Reversing Diabetes, Part 2

Worship: For Heaven’s Sake  Continuing our study in Daniel 2, we are learning that fulfilled prophecy authenticates GOD. World powers revealed to Daniel in Babylon are recorded history. Interestingly, as Pastor Flemons noted, each successive kingdom was actually weaker than the one it conquered and replaced. That each one was an underdog makes the prophecy, now fulfilled, that much more compelling in its validity. Pastor Flemons also explained the two kinds of clay in the feet and toes of the prophetic image in Daniel 2. They represent two kinds of people.

Wellness: For Health’s Sake  Continuing our study in overcoming diabetes, we are learning that not only must we eat healthy but fresh air and proper rest are critical to healing. Exercising in fresh air is ten times more beneficial than exercising indoors. Oxygen purifies the blood and builds the immune system, for example. And the hours of rest before midnight are twice as effective as those after. We are cautioned to never eat and lie down, as heart attacks are much more likely to occur.

Q&A  Questions were answered about eye health and surgery and the usefulness of relative natural remedies and herbs.



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