Worship: Morning and Evening Worship / Wellness: A Broken Spirit Affects Your Health

Worship: For Heaven’s Sake  “Spend some quality time with God!” says Pastor Flemons. It should be at least twice a day: morning and evening. We have the principle in Scripture.

“When Aaron burned the incense on the altar in the morning, he trimmed the lamps. . . . In the evening a fresh supply of oil was put into the lamps, in the morning the dressing, or trimming of the lamps caused them to shine in their fullness. The burning of the incense and the care of the lamps were closely associated. So, as we kneel at our altar of prayer morning and evening, our High Priest will give us a fresh supply of His Holy Spirit as a new fitting up for service.” (PTG)

[For additional details, please read Exodus 30:7, 8; Daniel 6:10; Psalm 55:17; Psalm 5:1-3; Mark 1:35; and “The Morning and Evening Lightings'” in The Path to the Throne of God: The Sanctuary, by Sarah Elizabeth Peck. (PTG 142 original; PTG 196 new edition; PTG 108 online) Also please listen to the recording and hear Pastor Flemons sing Hymn 83, “O Worship the King.” and the Scripture song Psalm 5:1-3.]

Wellness: For Health’s Sake  Pastor Flemons, a doctor of biblical wellness, in an earlier broadcast quoted from Proverbs 17:22: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” He followed it up with a reading from the book Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, which confirms the link between the condition of the heart and the health of the body.

We previously learned that the relationship “which exists between the mind and the body is very intimate. . . . The condition of the mind affects the health of the physical system.” When that relationship is understood, then can we appreciate the rest of Proverbs 17:22: “But a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Then we can also appreciate this statement from the same author, Ellen G. White, in her book Ministry of Healing:

“Many of the diseases from which men suffer are the result of mental depression. Grief, anxiety, discontent, remorse, guilt, distrust, all tend to break down the life forces and to invite decay and death. {MH 241.1}

“Disease is sometimes produced, and is often greatly aggravated, by the imagination. Many are lifelong invalids who might be well if they only thought so. Many imagine that every slight exposure will cause illness, and the evil effect is produced because it is expected. Many die from disease the cause of which is wholly imaginary. {MH 241.2}

“Courage, hope, faith, sympathy, love, promote health and prolong life. A contented mind, a cheerful spirit, is health to the body and strength to the soul. . . . . {MH 241.3}

“In the treatment of the sick the effect of mental influence should not be overlooked. Rightly used, this influence affords one of the most effective agencies for combating disease.” {MH 241.4}

That said, one can now more fully appreciate the comments of Pastor Flemons, as he discussed Proverbs 3:1-8 and described role of the bones to the body, especially its blood-making role. He reminded us that “the life of the flesh is in the blood” (Leviticus 17:11). Or as King Solomon puts it, “A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones.” Pastor Flemons even discovered and introduced a non-religious news article that in essence agreed.

The University of Minnesota article, titled “How Do Thoughts and Emotions Affect Health?” reveals that “repressed emotions (especially fearful or negative ones) can zap mental energy, negatively affect the body, and lead to health problems,” including chronic stress, which can “actually decrease our lifespan.”

Interestingly, the article also made a point to discuss the “relationship between joy and gratitude, but with a surprising twist” that Pastor Flemons emphasized. “It’s not joy that makes us grateful, but gratitude that makes us joyful.”

The article’s concluding statement is especially significant and timely in that it segued perfectly into our “Sharing Time,” during which we heard Jackie’s amazing testimony of unrelenting faith in God’s goodness to her in the face of multiple fatal health challenges. The article concluded this way:

“Resilient people are able to experience tough emotions like pain, sorrow, frustration, and grief without falling apart. Resilient people do not deny the pain or suffering they are experiencing; rather, they retain a sense of positivity that helps them overcome the negative effects of their situation. In fact, some people are able to look at challenging times with optimism and hope, knowing that their hardships will lead to personal growth and an expanded outlook on life.”

(For additional details (and there are!), please listen to the recording and read the article in full.)

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Sharing Time  Pastor Flemons responded to questions about ketones in urine. Sis. Jackie shared her powerful testimony!

Special Prayer  Please include in your prayers today listener 8731, who made no special request. Pray also for one of our listeners (Sis. Jackie) who is battling an “incurable disease.”

Pray also for those undergoing surgery today and all grieving families (especially spouses). Pray for those fighting for their lives and against depression. Also pray for people living in areas of extreme heat and in those areas at risk of being destroyed by hurricanes and tornadoes and other natural disasters.

Remember to continue praying for the entire TOR broadcast family, that GOD will be free to bless us in the way that HE really wants to in 2018. Thank you!

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Words of Encouragement

John 16:26, 27  At that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you. For the Father himself loveth you, because ye have love me, and have believed that I came out from God. (Also read CSA 27.9-27.10.)

Psalm 40:8  I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart. (Also read CSA 28.1, 28.4.)