Worship: The Wiles of the Devil / Wellness: Why Eat an Apple a Day

Worship: For Heaven’s Sake  Wiles are tricks used to fool, ensnare or entice. Make no mistake about it. Satan does not play fair. Every temptation that he uses against you will be in one of three categories: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

Generally speaking, lust is a perversion of love, says Pastor Flemons. Specifically, the lust of the flesh is the perversion of appetite, which includes passion, which consequently, includes sex and even anger, as in road rage. It was eating from the wrong menu that plunged Adam and Eve and soon afterward the world into generations of sin.

The lust of the eyes is a perversion of your understanding as it relates to the church, says Pastor Flemons. For example, you may have accepted too many offices in the church. As a result, your church work has you so involved that it leaves no time for you to spend alone with God.

Jesus was a medical missionary and responded to the needs of the people; and then He bade them follow Him. But Satan has tricked so many in believing that the church or organization is the ark of safety, especially if you have a prominent position in the church. This is one the greatest deceptions of Satan.

However, if Satan cannot get you into church politics, he uses the pride of life: money, gold. You are tempted to spend all of your energies, talents and time to achieve some worldly standard of success. In the end, you learn that it was only another wile of the devil. And you are destitute of spiritual prosperity and eternity itself.

Therefore, if you succumb to temptations of the flesh, the eyes or the pride of life, you are not doing the will of God, says Pastor Flemons. This is why it is essential to put on the whole armor of Christ.

[For additional details, please read Ephesians 6:10; Matthew 4:1-11; 1 John 2:15-17; Ephesians 1:18; Luke 6:46-48; and Chapter 12, “The Temptation,” Desire of Ages, by Ellen G. White. Also, listen to the recording to hear the commentary of Pastor Flemons, who sang Hymn 88, “I Sing the Mighty Power of God.”]

Worship: For Health’s Sake  Shelem Flemons, a doctor of biblical wellness, says that we all need to eat more whole foods, especially apples. Apples are exceptionally nutritious and have many research-backed benefits. Apples are linked to a lowered risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, death from cancer, and asthma. Apples are great for increasing bone health, especially bone density and strength. They protect the stomach against NSAIDS, which injure the lining of the stomach. They protect your brain against Alzheimer’s disease and are considered a great food to include in any weight loss program. Besides all these, apples promote the good gut bacteria, known as probiotics.

The daily recommendation is to have two cups of fruit per day. One apple of only about 3 inches in diameter is equivalent to 1.5 cups of fruit. Now that is pretty impressive. But to get the most benefit from the apple, leave the skin on and enjoy it.

(For further details, please listen to the recording and visit the link for the full healthline.com article that formed the basis of this health segment.)

(NOTE: Before following any advice given here, please read our disclaimer on this page.)

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