Worship: The Mark of the Beast, the Name of the Beast, or the Number of His Name / Wellness: Vitamin D Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

Worship: For Heaven’s Sake You own the mark of the beast, when you have his mark or his name or the number of his name. “Those who have the mark are Catholics,” says Pastor Flemons. “They have it. They own it. They prize it,” he says. “It’s their reason for existence. . . . Everyone else receives it.”

We learned through his reading that in 1923, the Catholic Record of London proudly claims that the change of the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday is the mark of the Catholic Church’s authority, which they believe is above the Bible. They own it. And anyone who buys into the change joins them in its ownership. Three groups, says Pastor Flemons, comprise those who own the mark of the beast and who will be able to buy or sell, as a “privileged” group, but who will not be ultimately saved. Group One: Catholics. Group Two: Apostate Protestantism. Group Three: Everyone who submits to this authority for some personal material benefit, even when otherwise they are neutral or personally opposed to Catholicism. They just want to survive.

Pastor Flemons discussed the name of the beast in terms of its character. He noted in the Bible instances of character change necessitating the change of one’s name: for instance, Saul to Paul, Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, Simon to Peter. And the Bible tells us that those who are ushered into Heaven will be given a new name.

Finally, Pastor Flemons discussed the number of the name: 666. However, he does not believe it to primarily be Vacarius Felii Dei, which totals 666 in Roman numerals. Rather, he says that it is economic in nature. The economy he believes will be the driving force for submission to the beast in exchange to buy and sell. And he notes that the only other references in Scripture refer to weight, as in the value of gold for trading purposes.

[For further details, please read Revelation 13:17, 16; Exodus 33:18, 19; Exodus 34:5-7; Ellen G. White’s Word to the Little Flock, WLF 19.1; 1 Kings 10:14; 2 Chronicles 9:13; and Proverbs 28:21. Also, listen to the recording to hear the commentary of Pastor Flemons.]

Wellness: For Health’s Sake Shelem Flemons, a doctor of biblical wellness, says that vitamin D is essential for aiding in the regulation of blood sugar and in preventing diabetes. Reading from a health.news article, Pastor Flemons stated, “Diabetes is now a worldwide epidemic, putting researchers on the offensive as they continue to search for ways to stop it. A study published in the journal Nutrition Research found that supplementing with vitamin D can reduce insulin resistance and improve the levels of fasting blood sugar in healthy adults, preventing the development of diabetes.”

Another “study . . . has suggested that people with vitamin D deficiency may be more likely to develop diabetes.” Pastor Flemons discussed the difference between vitamin D2 and D3. He says that the vegetable-sourced vitamin D2 is very difficult to find. However, vitamin D3, which typically has an animal source is fine, in his opinion, if it is from lanolin. At any rate, Pastor Flemons advises having your vitamin D checked. If it is low, take the supplement, he says; but better yet, “get out in the sun.”

[For more details, please listen to the recording and visit the links.]

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Sharing and Caring Time Sis. Maria shared more powerful readings from the book Power of Prayer, a collection of Ellen G. White writings on prayer. Specifically from Chapter 25, “The Promises of Prayer,” page 57, she emphasized three points: 1. that “In every circumstance, under every condition, the soul weighed down with grief and care, or fiercely assailed by temptation, may find assurance, support, and succor in the unfailing love and power of a covenant-keeping God.”—(Prophets and Kings, 631, 632.) {Pr 224.1}; 2. that “He knows that he has communion with the Saviour; and when reproved for his mistake in some matter of judgment, he does not walk sullenly, and complain of God, but turns the mistake into a victory;” 3. “By living faith you are to trust Him, even though the impulse is strong within you to speak words of distrust.”  (The links lead to another source for the same message. Click on the link for the full passage. Also, read Hebrews 4:16.)

Pastor Flemons added to his testimony about being arrested and waking up everyone at 1 am by singing “The Love of God.”

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