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Times of Refreshing Wellness Ministry was founded in the year 2000.  Its mission is restoration, education, and conservation.  Come experience life the REFRESHING way!


We believe that God has given superior methods of physical, mental and spiritual restoration.  We believe that the highest education is that which rejects the combination of good and evil in favor of that which is all good!  Finally, a true appreciation of the God-given, natural resources of the planet should motivate us to engage in conservation.

All of the outreach that we perform on or outside of our campus is geared to bless humanity  and exemplify the true life-style of the Bible, which reflects our church tenets.  Our 10 point healthy life-style lovingly referred to as the REFRESHING Way is deliniated below:

  • R ely On God
  • E at Healthy
  • F resh Air
  • R est
  • E xercise
  • S elf Control
  • H 2O -Water
  • I n The Sun
  • N ever Give Up
  • G ive To Others