Times of Refreshing Wellness Ministry is commanded by God to heal, using His natural methods in cooperation with His power to minister to the sick. These methods include, but may not be limited to, education, lifestyle change, and simple, biblical, natural remedies, used only as God’s instruments of healing. Because God is the only One who can bring about true healing, we do not hold ourselves out as having any titles, innate or acquired abilities, services or products that in any way license, enable or equip us to cure or in any way relieve any disease or abnormality. This disclaimer is to serve as notice that we are commanded by God to make use of these remedies as His instruments, but that all healing power comes from God. We are further commanded to make His plan and methods available to others in a way that helps to sustain the ministry. This disclaimer is also to serve as notice that as far as we know, God’s methods and / or instruments of restoration have not been evaluated or approved by any secular governmental agency. They are promulgated, practiced, published, and prepared in obedience to our church tenets. This is your notice that we have been commanded by God to minister in this way, teach others the same, and conserve the natural resources of the earth lent to us by our merciful Creator! Therefore, do not seek or accept our help, unless you accept the terms of this disclaimer!