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Disease is the result of an overload of impurities, a lack of good nutrition and an imbalanced system. This toxic, out of balance system is the primary cause of diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, lupus, cancer and every other chronic disease from which we suffer. What is desperately needed is a thorough cleansing, good nutrition and the reestablishing of right conditions in the body in order to achieve health. There are several channels which eliminate wastes. These include the colon, liver, kidneys, skin, and lungs, as well as the lymph and blood. As these eliminative channels are relieved of their undo burdens brought on primarily by poor life-style choices, and the body is re-balanced and nourished, health is restored by the power of God. God can and will restore all to health if He is glorified by the recovery. This cleansing and restoration is just a small part of an exiting, new life-style change that can help you achieve total wellness the “Refreshing Way!”

At Times of Refreshing, we believe that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, we teach health principles from the Bible, educating people in the therapeutic value and application of the refreshing way to wellness as an integral part of the prevention and cure of disease.

Thousands today are reconsidering the less than desirable side-effects of some conventional therapies in favor of a more natural, rational, life-style approach to recovery. They realize that, if true healing is to take place, they must reverse the cause of disease, obey the laws of life that God has established and place their trust in God for healing.


As a guest at Times of Refreshing, you will receive tender loving attention in a warm, friendly environment combined with informative, practical, life-style education that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual health. To top it off, you will be in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia. You will learn how to experience total wellness the refreshing way

Our wellness retreats are scheduled, 17 day retreats.  You can view our starting dates on the wellness retreat page. Be sure to contact us before booking any travel tickets as reservations are based upon availability and dates are subject to change.

To date, insurance does not pay for the the Biblical Wellness Retreats. Times of Refreshing is supported by standard church contributions, free will donations and the donations from our servies such as our wellness retreats. These donations are the responsibility of the guests. and all the support we receive furthers our ability to spread the good news of health.

Our daily schedule highlights times for juices, herbs, meals, exercise, hydrotherapy and other natural remedies, health classes, and inspiring devotionals.

Wellness Guests may bring companions and receive a discount for their joint stay.

To get started, fill out this form then, you will be contacted to do a telephone evaluation to further determine your eligibility for the program.

Please read our disclaimer